Baba Jaani Aur Main (Dad and Me) - A Truly Emotional Poem

I could not resist sharing this amazing poem with all of you. This poem is not just restricted to Dads but is also applicable for Moms, Uncles and Aunts, or any other elder who is around you.
If you still have your parents with you, please do your best to take care of them, as much as they took care of you when you were unable to do that yourself.
And if they are no longer with you, still Allah Almighty has given you this opportunity to help them and re-pay their favours to some extent, by praying for their forgiveness and for a happy life in the Heaven. It is never too late to take a new start.

This poem is dedicated to all the Parents in the World!!!
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Why I started this Blog?

Hello and Assalam-o-Alaikum Friends!
I started my first blog in 2008 I believe, just as a test to see how it works. Blogging has been immense fun since then and a wonderful way to interact with friends and everyone else in the World.
With the advent of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc I kept reading some amazing stuff around but every time I tried to find it back, I came to know that it has got lost in time and the bundles of pictures and posts shared daily or every second on social media.
I had an idea to put together a blog where I could share some real gems not relating to any particular topic but anything that I like and I believe that many others will also like.
Today I came across a lovely poem which forced me to git the "Create a New Blog" button. So, as of today, this blog is dedicated to the information (Anything nice that I Google around and think that it is worth keeping a record) and the beautiful pics, which will make you smile and sometimes help you in rolling down some tears too (Emotional stuff ;) )
So let's get going!!!