Why I started this Blog?

Hello and Assalam-o-Alaikum Friends!
I started my first blog in 2008 I believe, just as a test to see how it works. Blogging has been immense fun since then and a wonderful way to interact with friends and everyone else in the World.
With the advent of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc I kept reading some amazing stuff around but every time I tried to find it back, I came to know that it has got lost in time and the bundles of pictures and posts shared daily or every second on social media.
I had an idea to put together a blog where I could share some real gems not relating to any particular topic but anything that I like and I believe that many others will also like.
Today I came across a lovely poem which forced me to git the "Create a New Blog" button. So, as of today, this blog is dedicated to the information (Anything nice that I Google around and think that it is worth keeping a record) and the beautiful pics, which will make you smile and sometimes help you in rolling down some tears too (Emotional stuff ;) )
So let's get going!!!

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